Ways in which parents can develop their child in a healthy way

Posted on April 1st, 2013


Parents always influence the outlook of their child and their behavior; they directly or indirectly shape up the views of their kids about the world and are responsible for their early childhood development. The kids always look up to their parents as their role models. The things they learn at home when they are young remains grounded in their memories for long period of time, and based on those teaching and learning’s they form their opinions and perceptions. Therefore parents must always try to understand their responsibility towards their children development and make sure that they set up a very good example in front of them. The best way to set a good example is by performing than preaching, parents must never contradict their actions with their thoughts, for example if parents are telling their kids about the negative effects of smoking they must make sure that they don’t smoke in front of their kids. This will influence their kids to smoke in secret, which will ultimately defeat the purpose of teaching.

Too much of love and care can also spoil the habits, behavior and personality of a child, parent must not let that happen. If the child is given all the comforts and all his demands are met, they tend become lazy and arrogant, their patience level goes down and when their expectations are not met they tend to react in an aggressive way. Parents must make sure that they take care of all the necessary things that the kid requires but must not spoil their habits by granting them their will all the time. Parents must always set a good example whenever they are with their kids, they must always follow all the traffic rules while driving, must be humble in their conversations with the strangers and must always encourage their kids to follow modest way of living, kids are consistently observing and are getting influenced by the behaviors of their parents a good behavior encourages them to follow the same pattern and habits.

Parents must adapt themselves starting from the early child development stage of their parenting to understand and meet the requirements of their kids. They must understand that a child’s mind is always curious, they must encourage them to question and must not get argumentative if they have a different set of opinion, it is important for the social and emotional development of a child that they get into the habit of forming their opinions and understand how to effectively exercise their own will. There is no better gift parents can give to their child, if they can teach them the importance of free will.