Understanding children development with child psychology

Posted on April 8th, 2013


Children are creative, intuitive, sharp, energetic, stubborn, sensitive and very observant. They have their own world of thoughts and form their own opinions. Parents must understand that there will always be point of difference in their opinion with the opinion of their child. Therefore they must make sure that they understand the point of view of their children first before explaining them their own observation. Child needs a reason to believe in anything, therefore if they demand an explanation of certain action it must not be denied, rather parents must make an effort to address their concerns is polite manner in front of their children. In schools and other camps children are always trying to find their identity among their friends and peers, therefore parents must make sure that they talk to their kid’s everyday and encourage them to discuss about their perceptions and observations.

At times kids based on bullying of their friends form a very negative opinion about themselves, which not only hurts their self-esteem but also affects their social and emotional development. In such situation parents must try to instill confidence in their child and try to talk them out of any negative influence. Every parent has their own idea of what they want their kid to be once they grow up; setting expectations from children is not wrong, provided parents are not pressurizing them. Parents must understand that children has their own sets of beliefs that can be different from their opinion, in such case parents must respect the individuality of their kid and motivate them to follow their own aspirations. Kids share very strong bonds with their parents and always feel protected under their presence, parents must understand their need and try to avoid heated arguments or fights in front of them, most kids who see their parents fight isolate themselves from the concept of family and can form a very negative opinion about relationships.

While explaining kids about their mistakes, parents must make sure that they are not making their child feel guilty, this could jolt their self belief and make them feel very distressed, the idea behind explanation is to make child learn by properly telling them about the consequences of their actions, so parents must not use any harsh or emotionally strong words to address their children. Parents must tell or tech their child with the mindset of a child, because in the end if parents won’t understand their children, no one will.