Understanding Children and giving them respect

Posted on April 13th, 2013


Every parent wants their child to get the best parenting in the word; they want to be best parents and would love to see their child growth and development in front of their own eyes. This is the main reason why they work hard to accommodate all the necessary things which a growing up child requires. But good parenting is not limited only to sending the kids in good schools, getting them enrolled in good universities or making sure that all their demands are met. Good parenting requires a parent to allow their children develop their own independent personality, which is not influenced by anyone or anything. Ideal parenting must make child responsible of their own actions and must encourage them to develop their own perceptions about right or wrong, and all this can be done by giving their child an opportunity to be themselves, in other words respecting their child for what they are.

In today’s society it is very easy to get influenced, both for the parents and the children. Parent can fall in trap of comparing their kids with other kids and start evaluating them on the basis of that comparison; this is a very wrong method or technique of judging a child. Every child has their own unique strengths which could be different from other kids and own social and emotional development path; parents must encourage their kids to back themselves and must appreciate them for their own unique talents. Parents must carefully observe the preferences of their child; they must monitor their growth on day to day basis and try to understand their preferences and dislikes and accordingly should motivate their kids.

Confidence is the key to success and plays a crucial role in developing the personality of a child and parents need to make sure that they help their kids in every possible to develop that confidence in themselves and that can only be possible if the kids are respected for their good actions and are encouraged for their liking and talents. Talent is something every child is born with, therefore parents must not force it on their child depending upon their own preferences. Most of the parents are working so they are not able to spend much time with their kids, therefore it is very important that they touch base with their kids or spend some time on daily basis to sit and listen to their children and about their daily experiences. Proper encouragement and positive remarks will assure them and encourage them to make their own decisions and positively influence child development.