Significance of Parenting for social and emotional development of a child

Posted on April 2nd, 2013

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The fact that children are considered to be the reflection of their parents is true in every sense as it is the parenting which helps the child to develop a certain kind of mindset about the world outside. Their confidence and their attitude in facing the environment outside their comfort zone directly depend upon the parenting they get. Parents plays a major role in influencing their child development, the way they communicate, explain them the situation and give them advice on all things determine the personality of a child. Children have a sharp mind and they like to learn new things and if they are taught properly they can picks up and grasp things quickly and easier than an adult, therefore parents must always encourage their child to learn and inculcate new habits without burdening them under the weight of the performance. It is important for parents to understand that kids must not be taught words like success and failure at an early stage of their bringing up, rather they must be encourage to understand the virtue of the hard work.

Consistent comparison makes the creative mind of a child dull and also leads to rebellious attitude. It also kills the sense of individuality in a child hence parents must restrain themselves from comparing their kids and must allow the kid to learn things at their own pace. Parents must never underestimate the abilities of their child and if the kid is showing enthusiasm towards a certain kind of activity, parents must wholeheartedly support their children development. Children are stubborn at times, so the parents must remain patient in situations when the kids are not behaving in an appropriate manner. They can be strict but they have to make sure that they don’t cross the line and loose their connections with their little one as the mind of child is very sensitive and if they form certain opinion about someone it is very difficult for them to change it.

Also the habits kids learn at home help them develop their character therefore it is important for parents to keep their actions in check. They must never bribe their child to do anything as this little act of innocence can have major implications on the understanding of the kid for whom it might become an alternate way of doing things. Parents must always reward their kids for speaking truth and performing their task on their own, they must appreciate their kids to read books rather then spending time on television. Kids must be told the essence of completing their home work themselves and must be applauded for any task which they undertake and complete themselves without seeking any help. The social and emotional development of children depends upon their parents therefore they must always take this task with sincerity and lots of patience.