Overprotective Parenting: Beneficial or Harmful for children Development

Posted on May 1st, 2013


At every level of growing up the child requires support and if that support is provided to them by their parents there is a significant social and emotional development. By ensuring their faith and confidence in their child’s ability parents can strengthen the bond. Today the world is getting very competitive and the environment in which kids grow up teaches them the essence of competition from very early age, therefore it is very important for the parents to be with their kids when they require them the most. The worst thing that can happen to any child is when they loose all the faith in their own ability; this can not only dishearten the young heart but can also make them isolated. A good and careful parenting can make sure that the child never looses hope even in the worst scenarios, and they develop in them a never giving up attitude.

Parents must make sure that despite of their busy schedules they are present on all the important school activities or sporting events in which their child is participating. They must teach their child to take the outcome whether is negative or positive in a proper way. They must always give them the sense of power and completeness and must encourage them to learn from their mistakes. Parents must develop the keenness in their child to try and learn new things and must teach them the importance of time with their own actions. When a child is feeling low it is important that they have someone with them to discuss their feelings at that time if parents are able to develop a bond in which kids feel free to discuss themselves that can help both the child and the parent to know each other better and form a long lasting strong friendship on the basis of trust and mutual respect.

To develop a bond and basis for friendship, it is the parents who had to make the efforts first, they have to set the tone by giving a good example, they must never make any false promise to their kids, and make sure that if they had made any commitment they must complete it. These little factors and facts play a significant role in making child comfortable while talking to their parents. Parents must never criticize their kids if they have done something wrong rather they must encourage them to take the ownership, they must remember while they are setting up expectations from their kids they are also doing the same and with consistent efforts and investment of time they can eventually form a basis of the basis for the most trustworthy companionship.