Love your child with care and caution

Posted on April 15th, 2013


Child needs love for proper development and growth, parents must make sure that they are always there for their children at all stages at all the time. Kids prosper under the proper guidance and care of their parents and always look at them for moral support but at the same time, too much of love and exaggerated attention can spoil the personality of a child and can make them either too introvert or excessively stubborn. Parents must understand the need to balance their act when it comes to taking care of their children. They must not surrender themselves to all the wishes of their kids, and must make sure that they know how to say ‘no’ in proper way at an appropriate time. The balance in parenting has to be maintained from very beginning, the habits that are set in child during their early childhood development play a significant role in shaping their mental image about the world. If kids are not made liable for their actions and are not taught right kind of values they can become very aggressive and arrogant in their later lives.

Parents must know when to be strict and when to show leniency towards their child. They must try to act and behave in a genuine manner, they must not worry about the reaction of their kids and if they have to restrain them from any action or deny them their demand they must invite them for discussion wherein they must respect their kids point of view by listening to them carefully, and explaining them the reason behind their judgment. Kids will always listen if they are told in a language they appreciate and understand. Showing strictness is also a form of love if it is done for a right reason and for the betterment of the child. Parents must allow their kids to show their disagreement if some their demands are denied but make sure that this doesn’t become their habit, so they must prepare a right plan of action if they see their child responding in a negative manner every time.

There are many kinds of expert advice and articles available on the internet and various other medium that teaches parents about how to develop their child with good manner and right attitude at home, they must try to read some those articles as they contain some valuable tips which could prove beneficial, also they must never shy away from seeking advice of the elders, as they are the ones with experience and has their own unique way of explaining to a child.