Importance of saying No for children development

Posted on April 25th, 2013


Children means world to their parents, for them they are everything and this is the reason why they work hard to make sure that all the demands of their children are satisfactorily met. But they must not forget that their parenting will have a direct impact on child growth and development, which will play a significant role in influencing their lives and future. Kids must be taught the essence of right and wrong and they must be made clear about things which parents don’t want to encourage in them. Therefore it is very important that parents must not agree to all their demands instantly and must point out the wrong when they think that their demands are unjust and uncalled for. If kids understand that their parents will fall under their emotional pressure they will never be able to form a logical judgment and will always try to pressurize their parents to make sure that their demands are met.

The idea behind saying no to kids is not to defy them or impose authority on them but to make them realize the importance of correct judgment. The discipline is the most important thing which must be inculcated in kids and the right age of doing that is early childhood development. Therefore it is imperative to make sure that the kids are said ‘No’ in a manner that they don’t feel insulted or neglected. Parents must politely and with logical reasoning explain the reasons behind their judgment this will not only make sure that kids understand their parent’s point of view but also will know the importance of No. For every parent their child is the most important and valuable person therefore it is very difficult to for them to say no their demands, and as a result they end up agreeing to their demands which illogical and harmful for their own use. It is therefore necessary that parents must first themselves understand the reasoning behind their decision before they can explain it to their kids.

Even though it appears little uncomfortable at start but in reality the best lesson parents can give their children is, if they can teach them the significance of saying no, children must understand this thing very clearly that every time things may not happen as per their wants and at that time they must use their logical reasoning exactly in the manner they were taught by their parents when they were young.