How to deal with family conflicts between adults

Posted on March 22nd, 2013


In your childhood do you recall having a conflict with your sibling or your parents? As you grew up usually those disagreements vanished, but now, in adulthood you could see them coming back. When it is the case, do you realize what you can do? To say the truth many adults are unsure how to handle this important issue.

When it comes to family relationship problems, people usually think of conflicts that they have with their spouse or their life partner. While these are issues that need to be solved, the important thing is to understand that there is a difference between your life partner and the family you lived with. That is why it is so important that you handle those issues in a different way.

The first problem that people have with their relationship with the family is the sibling rivalry. Sibling rivalry is common in families with more than two children.In case of a disagreement between two of your siblings there is a chance that you could be pulled into the middle of the fight.You should,at all costs, stay out of it.Being forced to choose between your siblings is one of the most problematic situations you can encounter.This situation in the longer term may result in the loses that cannot be repaired without the help of a professional family therapy.

The second problem that people are forced to face are conflict or even divorce of their parents. In case of a divorce the focus is on the problems of underage kids.However the issues can be also tough for the adults. It is not extraordinary that in unclear situations one of the divorcing adults expects their children to to be on his or her side.

Similar to the sibling rivalry case you are advised to remain neutral.Although it is your choice, supporting one side against another will result in loosing one of your parents.

How to overcome those issues? If you find yourself in the situation of a pressure the first step is to clearly explain your emotions to the members of the family. Over all the years all the family members have developed the relationships and that will help in understanding your position. The best strategy is to ask the parent or the sibling to put themselves in your shoes. If it does not work it is a good idea to ask for a family coaching.

Remember, you as a mature person have the necessary resources to handle any family issues that could appear in your life. With that in mind you can do your best to make relationships in your family as good as possible. All members of your family will profit from your commitment!