Happy children in the perfect family

Posted on March 22nd, 2013


What to do to be happy in marriage, what to do to be a good husband, good wife, good parent? Just as every house must have a strong and solid foundations to fulfill its role over the years, so each marriage and family must have a strong and lasting foundation on deep feelings, love and fidelity. Only such a foundation provides an opportunity to develop a family with correct emotional ties linking all family members.

What is the emotional bond in the family? It is something that ties the family together in all the joys and sorrows of life. This is an unspoken agreement that everyone is helping each other selflessly. This is a versatile, mutual aid – not just parents helping their children, but vice versa as the capacities allow. The family tie is not only a sense of community, but also a sense of responsibility for the future of the family and the correct attitude towards all members. Proper family bond can exist only when the children are aware, that their parents need them, that they are important in the family, that their opinions will be heard and taken into account. Parents, in turn, must understand that the parental role is not limited to providing the material support. Kids want also to cuddle up to mom and dad, want to see how parents talk to each other, to play with them.

The correct functioning of the family and mutual love depends largely of parental attitude as the source of all the educational effects. Often we can observe an overprotective attitude, which greatly reduces the child development abilities and social life skills. In the family life a great danger affecting the child’s developmental processes is the attitude of aggression towards each other. Various conflict situations are causing the accumulation of aggression, in both the spouses and the children. In their family there is no love, there is no sound pattern based on family ties, mutual respect and affection. This may adversely affect the child’s emotional development, as well as have negative consequences in the adult life. All the aberrations in the family: wrong parental attitudes, indifference, over-protection, and mutual aggression contribute to the formation of various emotional disorders in children. Children from such families are hyperactive, often have great difficulty in education, suffering from the social disorders, aggressive or self-contained, have low self-esteem. Therefore a child to develop properly needs not only the necessary material support, but above all a real home filled by mutual love, mutual respect, understanding, the sense of community and tolerance.

In the properly functioning family all depends on mutual understanding, good will and love. Only such conditions will provide child with a family warmth and thus a sense of security as the basis for proper psychological and physical child development, as well as the proper development of the whole family. Only those parental attitudes, based on mutual affection, love and respect will make everyone happy.