Good communication is the key for children development

Posted on April 4th, 2013

Communication is important in all aspects of life but when it comes to communication with the kids parents need to be extra careful. Every word they say, every action they perform is carefully monitored by their kids, and their every action leaves a significant impact on them. Parents must make sure that on every stage of their upbringing they must communicate with the children in a proper and timely manner. Parents themselves have gone through the stage which their children are going through so they understand the insecurities and the doubts their young kids can have in their minds. Growing up is not an easy task for a kid, they are bombarded with loads of information and make lots of perception while observing their environment, hence it is important that the parents must understand their state of mind and accordingly craft a language which not only their kids would like to listen but also understand.

A good and effective communication is always both ways, therefore it is very important for parents as well to understand the point of view of their kids and listen to them carefully. At times children are not looking for guidance or advice, they just want to share their views to feel comfortable, at that time parents must not try to judge their kids with any perception rather they must let their child speak and share whatever they want to. In communication words plays an important role, a kid is too young to understand the real meaning behind the emotions and they literally go by their parent’s words, hence parents must remain very careful with their vocabulary. They must not use any demeaning words to bring the morale of their kids down, especially while scolding them or explaining them when they are wrong they must be alert with the use of their words.

Role of parenting plays a major influence on the child growth and development, as they are the one kids look up to. Parents are the first and most influential teachers for the children, the things children learn at home remains with them all their lives; therefore parents are indirectly responsible for the future of their kids. Hence their responsibility to communicate with their children becomes even more significant.

A good communication will result in good behavior which would benefit the child all their lives because good habits are always appreciated in every section of society. Effective communication help kids learn things faster and develop a strong and confident personality.