From the eyes of a child: Things which parents must keep in mind

Posted on April 21st, 2013


Raising up a child can be the most fulfilling as well as challenging task for any parent. They have to be careful, alert, responsible, loving in addition to being strict and always present for their child. There are lot of things which a child goes through during the stages of development and consciously or subconsciously the behavior and the example which parents set before them plays an important and a significant role in shaping up their mentality towards themselves and the world outside. The parents should try to set a bond with their children, they must create an atmosphere in which a child is encouraged to talk and share all their thoughts. Parents must remember that child gets easily influenced by the environment outside, therefore rather than questioning a child for their behavior they must encourage them to talk and share their views, which requires parents to be patient and good listener.

Parents must be strict when it comes to dealing with bad behavior, but under no circumstance they should be cruel. They must first try to understand the reason behind a particular behavior and than accordingly should decide the punishment for their child. At times parents try to act too strict with their kids as a result they loose all the bonding and connection, and that is when kids start lying to their parents. Punishment should be set in such a way, that a child understands and realizes their mistake. A young heart is always rebellious therefore everything must be explained and not enforced. Parents must always appreciate their kids whenever they feel they have done something right, they must encourage their kids with positive feedbacks and appreciate them for all the little achievements. They must never try to compare them with other kids which can have a negative influence and they can develop an inferiority complex about themselves.

When a child is growing up they need their own space and privacy and parents must always respect that, they must give the kids the environment where they can be themselves and should feel safe and protected. Parents must avoid any kind of fights or heated arguments in front of their child. The surveys had shown that most of the kids with disturbed personalities have always seen their parents argue and fight during their growing up age. Parents must act as the role models and must teach their children the importance of family and healthy relationship. They must celebrate all the important occasions and festivals together and make sure that they have family vacation at least once in every year. The personality and the future of a child entirely depend upon the social and emotional development, so parents must always be there for them as their guide and as their friends.